AGM produces Omega-6 sheep milk

Granja de Desarrollo Ovino A.G.M.

Alberto García Torés, a farmer from Valladolid, achieves to produce Omega-6 sheep milk /produces Omega-6 sheep milk

Alberto García Torés, a farmer from Olmedo, a small town in Valladolid, has achieved to produce milk containing Omega-6, a natural fatty acid, very healthy for the human being, as reported by the magazine Tierras Ovino-PR no. 9, which will be included in the library section of this webpage shortly.

After several years of investigation and investment in his own resources, AGM Granja de Desarrollo Ovino has attained this achievement. The key for this success is in the forage used, colza, which is produced in Castile-Leon (Spain).

Now, García Torés’ main objective is to commercialise and double sheep milk production given that the market opts for the purchase sheep milk yield with Omega-6.

According to the survey carried out, infections by Capylobacteriosis have been stabilised after a period of upward trend in previous years, and the amount of infections by Salmonella have decreased.

Source: Oviespaña

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